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International Travel News Roundup

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EarthIn case you missed any of the news and feature stories we posted in the past week, here’s a roundup to get you up to speed.

In Suzy Gershman’s Postcard from Shanghai, China, our favorite shopping guru offers her third and final report from the Far East.

This time she takes a less-than-stellar train trip from Beijing to Shanghai to check out the city’s swank hotels, bustling markets, obscure noodle shops – and even the bizarre Barbie Store.

If you thought the Jamaican bobsled team’s appearance at the 1988 Olympics was a one-time deal, think again. In Jamaican Bobsled Team Headed to Vancouver Olympics we update you on where the team’s been competing the last few years, and tell you how to score tickets to the Games.

ConcordeThursday marked the 40th anniversary of the first UK test flight of Concorde, the legendary super-sonic passenger jet. In Concorde Celebrates 40th Anniversary, May Head to Dubai we tell you about the history of the now-defunct plane, and why one may soon end up as a tourist attraction in the Middle East.

David Latt recently traveled from Seattle to Qatar on the delivery flight of a new Boeing 777 that will soon join Qatar Airways’ fleet. In the final installment of The Qatar Chronicles, he reports on his findings both on and off the brochure in the capital city of Doha.

For Jamie Simons, a “traveler” is someone who faces adversity with strength, and who comes at life with arms wide open. In Grateful Traveler: What Do Travelers Mean for the World? Simons discusses what travelers can teach us about finding meaning in a chaotic world.

In a drama that’s still unfolding off the coast of Somalia, bandits overtook a U.S. cargo ship but were fought off by the crew. In Hijacked American Crew Wrests Control from Pirates we give you the latest updates on the situation and offer some statistics about recent pirate activity in the region.

Sleeping on a couchLast month, the free accommodation-swapping network hit a major membership milestone. In Couch Surfing: A ‘Million’ Ways to Save Money on Accommodations we talk about why the site is so popular, and explain how it works.

In Peter’s latest blog post, Cruise Ship Crime and Speeding Ticket Frenzies, he talks about a bill pending in Congress that would compel cruise lines to report crimes onboard their ships, and he also tells you why you should be careful when driving through Tenaha, Texas.

In Ask the Locals: Baltimore, Maryland, longtime residents of the city give insider tips on where to eat, drink and shop like the locals.

Air travelerThough air travel is often a nightmarish ordeal, a new report shows that the industry has actually improved its performance in four major categories of service. In Despite Appearances, Air Travel Quality Rises as Passenger Numbers Drop we tell you which airlines ranked highest, which fell to the bottom of the pile, and why.

Los Angeles is the town that practically invented the phrase “let’s do lunch.” In Three Days, Nine Meals (or More): Los Angeles Courtney Crowder gives you three days worth of restaurants that will let you be seen while eating like a local.

The earthquake which slammed central Italy earlier this week struck at the heart of the country’s historical legacy. In Fatal Quake Also Strikes Blow to Italy’s Historical Monuments we give details of not only the number of lives lost in the tremor, but also the damage that was done to historical buildings as far away as Rome.