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Romantic Hotel Packages

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Has the romance disappeared from your relationship?

Then take advantage of one of these hotel packages that offer extra help to rekindle that flame.

Many hotels will offer packages designed to help put the spark back in your relationship, but you may be looking for more than roses and chocolates on the pillow.

The Library Hotel in New York City takes it to the next level with its package for couples only.

This includes a chilled bottle of prosecco, strawberries and whipped cream, a Kama Sutra pocket guide, and even something called edible honey dust.

Hotel Solamar in San Diego has an unusual package called Friday Foreplay, which includes a bottle of chilled champagne and chocolate body paint.

And, at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas, well, we won’t get into details, but they have a suite that actually involves—a stripper pole.

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