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Culinary Travel / Travel Tips

Foraging for Your Food

If you’re looking for a culinary experience that takes you back to nature, how about something known as foraging?

Things I Wish I’d Known Before Studying Abroad
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Things I Wish I’d Known Before Studying Abroad

My four-month study abroad sojourn in Stirling, Scotland was just like the pamphlets claimed: an educational immersion into a local university. But, for all the counselors, books and informational sessions… Read More…

Hotel Cleanliness and How You Can Improve Yours
Hotels & Accommodations / Travel News / Travel Safety

Hotel Cleanliness and How You Can Improve Yours

Between bed bugs and blacklight exposés, hotel cleanliness has become a hot topic. The truth is, it usually doesn’t matter how nice your hotel is, the very nature of hotels… Read More…

Grateful Traveler: Traveling Solo, But Never Alone
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Grateful Traveler: Traveling Solo, But Never Alone

Although I have visited Ireland more than any other country on the globe, my first stint there was not a pretty sight. I was traveling alone and trying to convince… Read More…



April 12, 2008 Captiva Island, Florida Peter’s broadcasting from the South Seas Island Resort on Captiva Island, Florida. He’ll talk with Vince McGrath, senior naturalist at South Seas Island Resort,… Read More…

Travel Tips

“Secret” Flights for Better Service and Savings

You may have heard of something called secret flights: These are unusual routes flown by airlines that you would never expect. Find them, and you may have a much better… Read More…

Off the Brochure Travel Guide: Florence, Italy
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Off the Brochure Travel Guide: Florence, Italy

The statue of David? Already seen it. The Uffizi Gallery? Check. The Ponte Vecchio, the Duomo, and the Pitti Palace? Done, done and done. If you’re a traveler who loves… Read More…

Travel Tips / Travel with Pets

Pet-Friendly Public Transportation

Traveling with your dog can be a hassle, but some cities are more accommodating than others when it comes to schlepping your pet on public transportation.



April 5, 2008 Atlanta, Georgia Tune into Peter’s radio show this weekend, broadcasting from Hotlanta Atlanta, Georgia. Traveling the eco-friendly way is practically second nature for Jen Boulden, co-founder of… Read More…

Culinary Travel / Luggage & Packing

Shipping Your Favorite Travel Tastes Home

Remember that gelato you had in Italy, the cheese you tasted in France, or the tea you drank in London? Here’s where to go to find your favorite foods from… Read More…

World’s Wackiest Theme Parks
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World’s Wackiest Theme Parks

If you’re looking for the offbeat in your travels, we’ve got it here. These six totally unique theme parks are located all around the world, from Texas to Lithuania to… Read More…